Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation with Red Light Collagen Therapy

This exciting scientific discovery uses Photo Rejuvenation via Red Light Technology as a natural, safe and relaxing method to trigger your body to increase your own production of collagen which in turn smooths and reduces wrinkles, thus creating more youthful looking skin.

Red light is able to penetrate the skin to a depth of 8-10 mm encouraging the cells to naturally stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

The anti-aging effect is produced by increased collagen adding volume to the skin and extra elastin to firm and tone the skin.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Smooth and reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet

Regeneration/stimulation of collagen

Improve skin tone

Fades age spots

Firms aged and tired skin

Heals blemishes

Reduces inflammation in skin conditions such as acne

Treatment of wounds, cuts and scars

More consistent skin coloration and complexion

Increases moisture retention

Increases circulation to the skin

Increased radiance

What is Collagen Red Light Therapy?

Using technology developed by NASA and supported by over 40 years of independent scientific research it has now been concluded that there are many benefits gained from regular skin exposure to red light photo therapy. Red light is able to penetrate the skin to a depth of 8-10 mm encouraging the cells to naturally stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The anti-aging effect is produced by increased collagen adding volume to the skin and extra elastin to firm and tone the skin. The obvious benefits of this new treatment is that it is totally pain-free and is a SAFE method for naturally increasing the body’s own production of collagen. Increasing collagen has always been acknowledged as beneficial for firming and toning the skin. Red Light Collagen Therapy achieves this without the need for painful needles.

How does Collagen Red Light Anti-Aging Therapy Work?

The calming and relaxing red light at 633 Nanometers penetrates the skin to a depth of 8-10 mm which then increases circulation by the formulation of new capillaries. These new capillaries then speed up the healing process in damaged skin. The light rays stimulate the production of collagen, a protein with a high elasticity level that is used to repair damaged tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect from Red Light Therapy treatments?

Treatments using red light will improve skin tone and texture, control pigmentation spots, will help reduce pore size, encourage vibrant healthier-looking skin and reduce wrinkles. Anti-aging red light therapy stimulates circulation and repairs the elastin fibers within tissue to help keep the skin firm. Clinically studies proven to show a 74% improvement in fine line and wrinkles.

Are Red Light Treatments safe? What does the FDA say?

Yes, according to the FDA red light at 633 nm has a “non-significant risk” and is completely safe, both for the skin and eyes. Red light penetrates tissue to depth of 8-10 mm, delivering energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself. There are no reported side effects

How does Red Light Therapy work?

Red light at 633 nm is absorbed by the mitochondria of the cell and stimulates intracellular energy transfer (ATP) production for enhanced cell vitality and permeability, increased production of new collagen, and increased turnover of collagen and elastin fibers. Laboratory studies have shown that skein cells grow 150 – 200 percent faster when exposed to certain light wavelengths, and research has shown red light delivers powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissue. Blood circulation is stimulated aiding in detoxification, while increasing oxygen and nutrients to the skin. This reduces inflammation and enhances the wound repair process.

How does Red Light Therapy differ from laser treatments?

Red Light Therapy does not cut, burn, or break the skin as with laser treatments. Lasers use heat and concentrated light to vaporize or remove tissue. Red Light Therapy lamps produce no vaporization or burning of tissue, and therefore no inflammation or erythema. Red Light Therapy is the only non-invasive tools available that can reverse the appearance of aging skin, such as wrinkles and mottled skin tone.

How soon do results become noticeable?

There are few immediate changes to skin, as change occurs naturally over a period of weeks. Everyone reacts differently, depending on the individual’s age and the condition of their skin. In general,improvement is noticeable after 3-5 treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

This will vary depending on condition of skin and age of skin. It is recommended that most people start with a visit every 5 to 6 days with evaluation of progress after 30 days.

How will I maintain the benefits from treatment?

This will vary depending on the length of treatment and the original condition of the skin. Skin rejuvenation is a dynamic process, if maintenance treatments are discontinued, a gradual loss of results will occur over time, as with normal aging. Usually one session every 2 weeks is sufficient.

Does Red Light Therapy help acne, age spots and sun damage?

Red light helps remove the bacteria that causes acne, and generates cellular activity that deals with age spots and sun damage. Anti-aging Red Light Therapy brightens skin and reduces the formation of pigmentation marks.

Does Red Light Therapy work equally well on all skin types?

Yes, it is safe and effective for all skin types and colors. The main prerequisite is that skin be clean for effective light transmission.

Is it safe for everyone? Are there any contraindications?

The only contraindication are for those with a photosensitivity disorder. Certain medications can cause photosensitivity, please consult your physician or pharmacist with specific medication questions or side effects.

What does Red Light Therapy feel like?

The treatment feels very relaxing and the warmth of the lights soon has you feeling very calm.